I’ve always been a dreamer. In the Netherlands we often say: don’t be to crazy, but in my opinion dreams can never be to crazy or big. Dreams can give us guidance and goals in life. Dreams are there to be lived. So let’s keep on dreaming! 

Many of my dreams revolve around discovering this earth and the people who inhibit it. Discovering this earth brought me next to valuable experiences, new contact and insights, also many new dreams about places and experiences. There is nothing I enjoy more then going on a little adventure, lead by whatever comes on my path, while I observe and take pictures of the people around me. 

I have the following photography dreams on my list:  

  • India is the country were photography wise I was never finished. I’ve already been so fortunate to get invited for a wedding. I would love to go back ones to photograph a traditional Indian wedding myself! 
  • Nowhere on earth the terrain is so diverse as in Iceland. I would love to do a photoshoot in Iceland once. During snowy winter, but also during summer when the snowy terrain is altered by beautiful green landscapes. 
  • Birth has always fascinate me. As a little girl I would pick up books from the library about giving birth and let my father read them to me. I’m fascinated by the primal force that occurs when a woman gives birth. I would love to document a special occasion like this once! 
  • I would love to use photography as a tool to get some more attention for some social issues, like mental health problems. Bringing those issues literally closer to people, by giving them more insight into those problems. 
  • During my studies I got the opportunity to take a semester in Italy, a time full of pizza, ice creams and appertivo’s. I’m dreaming about photographing a wedding on the Italian countryside once. In the middle of the wine fields, a big traditional italian house and with those traditional long italian trees on the background. Taking pictures of people dancing till the sun comes up, while enjoying the italian sun and atmosphere. Mi place!  

Interested in making one of those dreams come true? Contact me through the contact form. Then we will work it out!